Vintage Engagement Rings !

There are so many beautiful engagement rings out there, but some of my very favorites are vintage or antique. I’ve always loved big antique rings with a big sparkly stone in the centre and a little ring of crystals sitting around them. Not everyone has a family heirloom ring to pass down, but the internet makes it insanely easy to find beautiful antique bling. I could actually spend hours browsing internet for such a bling thing ! I would love to share a few of my favorites… Continue reading


LimeRoad…Love, Create, Share & Shop !!

Long, tiring weeks kept me away from blogging for so long. Phew!! So finally, here comes my new blog post for all the ladies out there. Today, lemme introduce to you a new fashion destination of mine, online shopping site, LimeRoad., an exclusive online store has been a favorite of mine for it’s curated collections and product stories. I was fortunate enough to discover Lime Road. It is almost like shopping with a stylist as your personal shopper. This online shopping store is filled with the most trendy and chic clothes, accessories, bags and shoes galore, updated  almost every day with new arrivals. The variety of products available on LimeRoad gives it an edge over other websites. Most of their products are exclusive pieces and not something that you will easily see on 10 different sites too. Continue reading