A soldier dies, no one cares. An actor sentenced for crime, sympathies flooding !

So, Bollywood star Salman Khan has been convicted by a Mumbai sessions court in the 2002 hit-and-run case.

I have been spending the afternoon glancing at news, celebrity gossip sites, and reading the many comments those kinds of sites bring. A big celebrity getting convicted is indeed a news, at least in our system of functioning where we put the famous on pedestals and see them as celebrities, stars, notables and what not. The news also took Twitter by storm as the #SalmanVerdict emerged as the top trend.

Many celebrities and fans reacted to the verdict, some with shock, some with despair, and a few blaming people sleeping on footpath is way too out of line. But to all those showing despair on Salman verdict, have you taken a note of those pavement dwellers who were shaken by his reckless SUV on that unfortunate night? Almost 13 years since the tragedy that killed one and injured a few more, have we ever seen or heard them on any stage? Has our media bothered about them? Have you bothered about them?

Why sympathise so much for an individual who has been proved to be a guilty? So what if he’s an actor or celebrity; so what if he’s running an NGO named Being Human, why are we not treating all parties to the case equally.

I totally agree that famous people are human after all. And as members of the human race, we are allowed to make mistakes. Even entitled to make mistakes. They are as vulnerable, frail, fragile, delicate and yet as resilient and with as much fortitude as the rest of us. Stars – They’re just like us! They even commit crimes like regular folks do. But just because someone is famous, doesn’t mean they don’t get charged with a crime. Or do they?

So the fact that a celebrity is just another human, like us, implies that the law remains the same for them too. No matter how good a person may be, he deserves a punishment if found guilty.

No doubt you’re a great, versatile actor, Mr. Salman Khan and we love you for being so good at your profession. But, as you know what goes around comes back, you have been found guilty and you have to face the consequences. And to all those in utter despair, don’t forget those injured, they are as “Human” as Salman Khan.


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