The Fairness Mania

Yes, I’m talking about the obsession of the society with the so called “white skin”. People are so obsessed with white skin that they have all started endorsing the stupid fairness creams, which promise them the ticket to the world of glamour. This actually sounds so funny to me at least! What is this white skin all about? Are you ashamed of your complexion?? It is kind of pathetic and weird, how Indian are obsessed with fairness creams and its evident from the way these creams do brisk business in the country. Its pathetic how people’s view on beauty mean’t FAIRNESS.

This fairness mania maddens me. What can explain this Indian hatred of the colour of their own skin? It’s bad enough that fairness cream ads make it seem as though a dark-skinned woman will never have a career or get a husband until she is fairer. In a society obsessed with ‘white skin’, fairness is a benchmark for beauty, particularly in the case of women. Not fair? Then it can be traumatic! I have seen women who jump from one fairness product to the other, hoping the new one will be better, and they end up feeling completely drained. Our society stresses so much on fairness, equating that alone with beauty, and this puts tremendous pressure on women. Many women who are not fair live in constant fear of rejection. They become self critical, they also tend to blame their colour for all things that go wrong. All in all, they live a difficult life. It is really time for Indians to change their attitude towards their own skin and understand the meaning of beauty in true sense. And no ! Black is not ugly at all.


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